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Sept 20, 2017

Phil, I can't thank you enough for solving my problem, your speedy service and support is greatly appreciated. I will refer your service to all my friends.I was starting to think i was going crazy with this problem.Once again Thank You and Happy New Year.
Karl L
Oakhurst, NJ

Phil, thank you again for your help. I really appreciate it.
Walter H
Manchester, NJ

Thanks for everything...if i ever have a problem in
the future, u r the man!...take care!
Stuart H
Lakewood, NJ

You fixed our computer recently, and she's still working beautifully! 
Sherri L
Seaside Heights, NJ

Thanks.  You are the best!
Kin S
Toms River, NJ

Computer Repair Manalapan NJ
My PC crashed and needed it back ASAP since I telecommute.
Bijoy identified the problem and restored my PC to get it up and running.
I can't thank him and Rescue Computer Service enough. 
I recommend them without hesitation.
Dan McNichol, Manalapan, NJ May 12, 2017

computer repair Wall NJ
Computer Repair Toms River Testimonial
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What do Clients Say about Rescue Computer Service
When your computer starts giving you fits, call our friends at RESCUE COMPUTER SERVICE. They'll come to your home or business to tackle the problem and get your system running its best.
Toms River Online
May 31, 2017

Computer Repair Reviews
Computer Repair Review NJ
"Rick is an outstanding technician. He tolerated all of my insane questions and computer fears. He is a gentleman."
Richard Gelbstein
Toms River, NJ
Feb 26, 2015

Computer Repair Bayville
Joan Collict Revilla, Bayville April 2, 2017
Computer Repair Matawan NJ
Computer Repair Manalapan
Great, efficient, swift service.  Our computer was slow, had some other problems and we were at wits end.  We tried some other companies but all we got was our money taken and no results.  We will keep you in mind and most definitely use your services again in the future, it needed.  Thanks for a great job and a special thanks to your technician.  He was super and knew right away what the problem was and took the time to explain it an how it was going to be fixed.  Well done!!
Harvey K
Englishtown, NJ
March 25, 2015

computer repair manalapan nj
"I highly recommend Bijoy because he is very efficient, honest, trustworthy and really works to the full satisfaction of the customer. 
Erlinda E. Dalena
Middletown, NJ
July 3, 2015

Computer Repair NJ  Reviews
West Belmar Computer Repair

"Bijoy came at the time he said he would and solved my computer issue within five minutes."

Kathy Stevens and Pet
West Belmar, NJ
Jan 9, 2017

Computer Repair Toms River NJ
Allstate Insurance Stormie
"I can't thank you all enough for taking care of my various computer needs!! My laptop is working like new, and I am so grateful! I am spreading the word about how awesome your business is!!"
Suzanne Sammon
Toms River, NJ
Nov 4, 2014

computer repair reviews nj
computer repair howell nj
Rescue Computer Service Review
reviews computer repair new jersey
Excellent service from Bijoy. Always satisfied with the results.
Mary Raia
Monmouth Beach, NJ
February 5, 2016

virus removal toms river
Neal Moshan
Toms River, NJ
March 16, 2014
"I am very happy that Bijoy fixed all the problems with my iMac and we will definitely be using your service in the future as well."
Bill I
Toms River, NJ
Feb 17, 2014

"Rick just left here and I want you to know he did a wonderful. Its always a pleasure dealing with you folks."
Greg P
Toms River
Feb 10, 2014

 Hi Phil,
     I am writing to say Thank You for sending out  Rick, he did an "excellent" job
      fixing my  "big problem"  with my computer, he went the extra mile for me &
     calm me down and explained everthing,  I did give your service name to my brother.
     May you & Rick  have a Blessed & Merry  Christmas, & Happy New Year.
     Maria, from  Whiting
December 23, 2013

computer repair revieww
"Bijoy is the best computerperson in the world. He solved all our problems! He did an amazing job. We would highly recommend him."
Carol Hartwell
The Liner Co
Eatontown, NJ
August 18, 2014

"Thank you for the opportunity of adding me into your satisfied client family. Bijoy George has a rare knack of making me feel like a long time customer. His service was very professional. Bijoy you're valuable to me and my family. I will always seek out your services and will be happy to refer you guys to my church, family and friends."
Orlando Harris
Lakehurst, NJ
May 23, 2014

"Bijoy is always available and helpful - always able to schedule same day service."
Carol Griffin, Adirondack
Seagirt, NJ
August 15, 2014

I like your site and have used your service and also have sent others to you also. Keep up the good work.
Donald W
Beachwood, NJ
December 21, 2013
"Dear Phil:
As always thank you fo rthe telephone consult to fix the glitch!"
Jackson, NJ
Sept 4, 2013

I am very happy with the service of Rescue Computer Service and the technicaian is excellent. His name is Bijoy and I highly recommend him for his ability, courtesy and professionalism.
Ronald Raskin
Manalapan, NJ
December 9, 2016

Computer Repair Service Testimonial Lakewood
"You can rest assured that we will contact you again if and when the need arises. I have told several people about your great service."
Pat S
Toms River, NJ
April 3, 2013
"Bijoy did a fantastic job transferring files and programs to my new Windows 8 desktop. He even reconfigured it with shortcuts, etc. so the transition was almost seemless. He's the best."
Robert W
Brick, NJ
March 8, 2013
"Phil: It seemed impossible but you not only survived and able to work through tha Lady was aTramp Storm "Sandy" - Your staff headed up by Rick worked with cell phones. The result was amazing dependability that one might call "perspicatious" or simply UFB, Service that is Damn well superior and nothing I have ever experienced through many years.
Thank you. God Bless. Happy Christmas and joyous Chanuka. "
Dick G
Red Bank, NJ
Dec 5, 2012

Computer Repair Service Bayville Testimonial
"Whole process was smooth, professionally handled and they were responsive to my needs. 
I would definitely call them first for any future problems.  Good, timely service."
Judith W
Lakewood, NJ
Sept 30, 2013
"Another fine job by your tech. Thank you."
Jim K
Lavallette, NJ
May 29, 2012

computer service reviews
"Thank you J   We love Rick  He is great!!"
Rebecca H
Toms River, NJ
April 14, 2014
"Phil, the tech you sent worked our great. All the best." 
Jim M
Bayville, NJ
June 12, 2013 
"Bijoy just left, having fixed my problem and teaching me a thing
or two in the bargain. His manner and appearance were very professional and it was a pleasure to have him in my home. I know who to call now when I need computer help. "
Bill A
Rumson, NJ
Sept 10, 2012
"Thank you for responding and helping us with our computer. Bijoy George did an excellent job in servicing and fixing our computer."
Roberta L
Four Seasons
Manasquan, NJ
August 16, 2012

Computer Repair Service Testimonial Point PLeasant
"Once again, Rescue Computer Service has helped me out! Rick came by today and straightened out all my issues! I am, and have been, extremely happy with your company! Rick was very patient, answered many questions, and spent quite some time fixing up my issues! I am a very satisfied and pleased client, and would heartily recommend your services to anyone with computer problems. I can't get over how MUCH better my system is running after Rick's efforts!
Thanks so much! :-)"
Joseph D
Jackson, NJ
May 8, 2012

"Thank you for all your great tips and help!"
Joan D
Manchester, NJ
March 4, 2012

Computer Repair Testimonial Whiting, NJ
"You defintely stay in our address book. Thank you for your help when we needed it. You were very prompt and very much appreciated."
Laraine D
Whiting, NJ
Feb 21, 2014

"Thanks for the tips letters. I like getting them as they are helpful.
I just recently got you a customer in holiday city. He was pleased."
Don W
Beachwood, NJ
October 7, 2013
"Thank you, it is a big help."
Pat G
Lakewood, NJ
April 25, 2013

Thanks Phil, You guys are the best.
Jim M
Bayville, NJ
February 28, 2012
"Thanks Phil, and thank you very much for the help you gave me over the phone.
I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and yours."
Bob S
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Noveember 27, 2011

Testimonial Toms River NJ
"I always feel so much better knowing you and your staff are ready to assist me when the need arises!
Please keep me on your mailing list!!
You can always feel free to use me as a "Reference" . . . :-)"
Joe D
Jackson, NJ
October 25, 2011

"Give my compliments to Tom. He got down to work right away and knew what he was doing, and with a very pleasant manner. VERY MUCH appreciated being accommodated within about two hours of my call. A "life saver. I have given your name to a neighbor who has had computer issues before and suggested that in the future they seek your assistance."
Walter B
Lavallette, NJ
Sept 25, 2011

Computer Repair Testimonial
"I would like to compliment your technician, who worked on my computer and removed a virus. He was extemely knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the problem and how it would be taken care of. He answered numerous questions for me and with patience and knowledge. He should be commended for a job more than well done."
Margaret J
Gardens of Pleasant Plains
Toms River, NJ

August 6, 2011

Thanks. You did a great job; Tom was excellent."
Mike N
Long Beach Island, NJ
July 29, 2011

"Good job Phil, on my Gateway laptop. Your tech came to our home on time and did a good job.
We will recommend your service to others."
Jeff G.
Original Leisure Village
Lakewood, NJ
July 8, 2011

"I want to thank you for sending your technician, to my house. He Did a super job."
Karl J
Toms River, NJ
May 17, 2011

Review Computer Repair Service
"I needed some help with my printer because it was 'offline.' You sent the tech and he was great. Fixed the problem in a few minutes and then helped me with some other things related to my computer. He was courteous and very knowledgeable and I was very pleased. Would recommend your services without a doubt."
Rhoda C
Lakewood, NJ
May 11, 2011

"Thank you for the tips! Great info."
Xenia W
Asbury Park, NJ
May 4, 2011

Computer Repair Review Toms River
"Dear Phil:
As always thank you for the telephone consult to fix the glitch!"
Kind Regards,
Dr Jeffrey G
Jackson, NJ
Sept 4, 2013

"Thank you! Came quickly, did job well."
Steven L
Ocean Township
March 28, 2011

I Want to take the time to thank you and your staff for the great service and maintenance you do on my machine. Keeping a service contract with Rescue is money well spent."
Al T.
Toms River, NJ
March 12, 2011

NJ Computer Repair Testimonial
Thank you for saving my laptop.
I was very impressed with the fast service.
I've used your service three times now and I'll certainly use it again.
Elaine G
Toms River, NJ
February 2, 2011

"I was extremely pleased with the service I received and the timeliness of your response.
Your technician was extremely knowledgeable and polite.
You may certainly use me as a reference any time."
 Nora M
Toms River, NJ
January 19, 2011

I have to commend Tony on a wonderful job. He worked on my PC and it is running  exceptionally well now.  I am extremely happy with your servce - quality and price!
Carl B
Gardens of Pleasant Plains, Toms River, NJ
Dec 8, 2010

Rescue Computer Testimonial
"Thank You, great service, would not hesitate to recommend you."
Gary W.
Toms River, NJ

October 20, 2010

"Dear Phil,
Anthony did a wonderful job of helping us out, he is just great and we appreciate his service.  Thank you for sending him to us."
Diane & Joe E
Toms River, NJ
October 19, 2010

computer repair reviews
"You folks are great! :-)   
I'll be sure to call you when I have another computer problem! 
(notice i said "when" not "if"!)   *lol*"

Joseph D
Jackson, NJ
October 7, 2010

"Thanks for great service".
Michelle L
Manasquan, NJ
October 4, 2010

"Thanks for everything... if i ever have a problem in
the future, u r the man!...take care!...Stu"
Stuart C
Marlboro, NJ
August 14, 2003

"...it is good to depend on someone like you and your service"
:Lakewood, NJ
February 23, 2004

"Phil, Thanks very much for your help. I really appreciate it."
Walter H.
Manchester, NJ
March 6, 2004

"You saved me from a lot of headaches and maybe even some hair loss."
John C
Brick, NJ
April 21, 2001

"Phil, I can't thank you enough for solving my problem, your speedy service and support is greatly appreciated. I will refer your service to all my friends.I was starting to think i was going crazy with this problem.Once again Thank You and Happy New Year."
Karl L
Oakhurst, NJ
January 4, 2005

"You're Number One on my speed dial, after that, my cardiologist".
Bayville, NJ
January 19, 2010

"Your tech came out and fixed everything right up ... you have another happy customer."
Jane K
Seaside Park, NJ
March 22, 2004

"Thank you for going that extra mile that we needed to get my system straightened out. Keep up the great work." 
Judi P, Wall, NJ

" I just wanted to let you know that I loaded my other software on hand, and things are going VERY well. 
It was a pleasure working with you yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised by your tolerance of my I-know-a-little-but-want-to-learn-more hanging over your shoulder. We will recommend your services to anyone we know that has a problem. "
Jane K
Seaside Park, NJ
June 18, 2003

"Good professional sevice, happy to recommend. 
Tech. Tony, was patient and very helpful".
Toms River, NJ
October 21, 2010

Thanks.  You are the best!
Kin S
Toms River, NJ
November 13, 2007

"My personal thanks goes out to you and your company,The tech you sent to our home was a wonderful tech.. He did  everything  just right..His name is  Bijoy George, I will definitely recommend your  company to all..Once  again,  much thanks.. to Rescue..and Mr. George..Please let  him know..how his  kindness and  help with our  computer provided us  with much delight."
Robert R
Toms River, NJ
January 26, 2010

"You fixed our computer recently, and she's still working beautifully."
Sherri L
Lavallette, NJ
July 22, 2003

"Tony did a great job on rescuing my Presario."
Anne R.
Holiday City,
Toms River, NJ

April 9, 2010

"Thank you for your great service."
Lucy F
Toms River, NJ
April 27, 2010

"Thank you very much.... I'm very pleased with the service."
Holly D
Toms River, NJ
May 11, 2010

"Hi Phil,
Thank for the great service. Ed really knows his stuff."
Mike L
Jackson, NJ
May 13, 2010

"You guys are very professional,
I will recommend you."
Nick D.
Leisure Knoll, Manchester, NJ
May 18, 2010

"I wanted you to know that the tech that was here, (Chris), was extremely professional, courteous, and friendly. 
He fixed us up quick, and obviously had a comprehensive knowledge of the systems, etc.
Be assured that if I ever need any service of this type again, it will indeed be 'Rescue'  that I call, and, if I hear of anyone needing help, I will highly recommend your company."
Diana and Roger B
Whiting, NJ
June 28, 2010

"Thank you for the quick repair. My neighbor has a similar problem and I'm happy to refer you."
Dan B
Toms River, NJ
July 10, 2010

"Chris came to my house and quickly and efficiently restored my computer."
Ruth W
Manchester, NJ
July 13, 2010

"Phil, Thank you for your help yesterday.  If it wasn't for you and Tony, I would never do well on this computer. Have a great summer."
Kim W
Point Pleasant, NJ
July 17, 2010

"Thanks for all of your rescuing of my computers over the years."
Irene H
Toms River, NJ
September 8,2010

"I very much appreciate all the service that I received from your company."
Marybeth M
Matawan, NJ
September 9, 2010

"I want to express my "Thanks" for the great and timely service I received today.  A special thanks should go to Chris who not only fixed the computer problems but did so in a very professional way.  It was good to have a computer person explain things in simple english rather than computer jargon.
A very satisfied customer"
Paul S
Manchester, NJ 08759
September 20, 2010

"My dear old mom could not be happier...thanks again"
John D
Toms River, NJ
October 7, 2010

"Dear Chris,
I would dlike to take this opportunity to thank you."
Pat G
Manchester, NJ
September 27, 2010

"Dear Mr. Soffer:
Chris was professional, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable at repairing our computer from an unexpected and annoying virus.  He was prompt at fixing the problem and explaining some of the complex workings of the computer, for which we are very grateful.
We will certainly keep your firm on file should we ever have problems in the future."
Ron and Marion B
Country Walk, Whiting, NJ
September 30, 2010

Thanks Phil! Its working much better now.
Sharon S
Englishtown, NJ
October 1, 2010

"I had Bijoy work on my computer. Great job."
L. Smith
Jackson, NJ
November 15, 2010

"Just a thank you for sending email with a LOT of information which can and does help.  We really appreciate your emails and support.  Looking forward to the next and the next and so forth.....
Again, Thanks."
Gene F
Whiting, NJ
April 29, 2011

"Thanks for your latest newsletter. It always has good thoughts and reminders"
Slade C
Point Pleasant, NJ
Oct 12, 2011

"I enjoyed the newsletter and found the article " should I leave my computer on" very helpful . 
Thank you"
Diane D
Leisure Village West
Manchester, NJ
April 24, 2012

"Thanks, Phil, that was a wonderful tip for the line spacing. That always drove me crazy. Now I know"
 Mary Ann R
Toms River, NJ
June 7, 2012 

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"Thank you for your help. It was much appreciative. Your quick response was amazing." K. Z. Brick, NJ

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